Leighton Gate

Similar to the Danby, the Leighton offers a more detailed design, while retaining privacy and security. The piece is semi-boarded and features narrow square uprights, complemented by a gentle curved top spell. The brace at the heel end of the gate is also curved and features attractive mortise and tenon joints.

With a solid bottom boarding, the Leighton offers a striking focal point to the entrance of your home, and comes in a choice of hardwoods (iroko or sapele) or softwood (Scandinavian redwood) and can be tailored to your requirements:

  • The gate can be made to any width up to 14’ per pair and to a height of your choice.
  • Gate posts can be supplied to match in oak or opepe (hardwood) or larch (softwood).
  • All hardwood gates are made with stainless steel nails.

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