Influenced by one of the greats

Thomas H Mawson – a renowned landscape architect of high repute in the 18th and 19th century and the director of the Lakeland Nursery, had a truly exceptional eye for garden architectural beauty. It’s this same passion that we at The Gate Gallery share and strive to replicate with all our bespoke wooden gates, creating ornate framework for your very own piece of horticultural art.

In the following extracts, we see the impact and influence that Thomas has had on not only ourselves, but the landscape industry when designing gardens with a decadent framing.

“Whatever the material employed, there is no case where either a gate or a fence is required about the estate which will not allow of the exercise of taste in its design and arrangement.”

We believe Thomas H Mawson had the right idea, and that to reap the benefits of one’s estate or sanctuary, no matter how beautiful the land, the addition of framing the area in the form of fencing or a traditional wooden gate truly provides the ultimate finishing touch. With The Gate Gallery’s signature combination of natural bespoke woods and a passion for art and design, there’s no doubt that Thomas Mawson’s ideologies are embedded within our visions when creating products for your home. 

“…both gates and fences were made to serve as ornaments to the gardens they graced…”

Like Thomas Mawson, we see the ornamental qualities through the beautiful designs and stunning craftsmanship. Gates and fencing can give even new gardens a timeless charm, through characterisation and adding a talking point to a garden. A gate can add personality to an outdoor space and bring it to life, all while providing security to your home.

“It is hoped that estate owners, instead of surrendering inevitability to the fence-maker’s catalogue, will, be helped to evolve designs which shall have the merit of individuality and special suitability to the needs of the particular case.”

At The Gate Gallery, we believe that a gate is the first thing you see when arriving at your residence and therefore is so much more than just a protective barrier. It’s the beginning of a tale that you choose to write and hints at what is to come upon walking through it. The style of a gate should mirror the style of your home which is why at The Gate Gallery, time and expertise are embedded within each product to give you the opportunity to create something unique and bring your garden to life.