This guarantee applies to The Gate Gallery manufactured products only.

We will guarantee that the gates, fence panels, planters, seats or timber framed gazebos (hereinafter referred to as the product) shall be free from defects. In the event of a breach of this guarantee we will be happy, at our option, to correct the faulty part or send a replacement without charge. Unless otherwise stated, the guarantee in respect of any Gate Gallery wooden product is 5 years respectively from the date of purchase.

The product must not have been misused or placed in abnormal conditions and must not have been used for an extraordinary purpose which was not drawn to the attention of the Company at the time of purchase.

We will not accept responsibility for any damage caused by incorrect assembly of fittings, incorrect hanging, or incorrect use of or lack of protective treatment to products. Nor will we accept responsibility if the gates are damaged due to brick or stone work that the gates are hanging from being unsuitable. If timber is cut or drilled, it must be treated correctly and immediately with preservative, such as endseal or similar. We are unable to give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping, knots or splitting which can be caused by natural reactions to variations in humidity and temperature; nor can we accept any responsibility for small defects in timber, which occur after the products have left the workshop due to the natural movement of timber.

Our boarded and bespoke gates are supplied untreated unless specified. Customers should apply at least two coats of protective treatment / finish of their choice immediately on installation of the gates. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the correct application of the wood treatment onto dry timber and we recommend that you seek professional advice and ensure the gates are as dry as possible before application. Failure to do so can result in damage to the timber, which will not be covered by the warranty. The Gate Gallery will not be held responsible for the premature failure of any timber caused by the incorrect choice or use of paints, stains or oils applied to products once they have left our workshop. We recommend a solvent based stain that is breathable and suitable for outdoor use.

We will not guarantee gates that have been automated or painted.

Some air cracks, shakes and splits may appear in timber gateposts after installation or treatment by the customer. This is normal and due to natural movement of timber and as such will not be covered by the guarantee.

If damage is caused by vehicle impact, acts of vandalism, forced entry or other unforeseen acts not associated with the normal use of the product, or if the product is altered in anyway, the guarantee on that product will be invalid.

Warranty claims will only be assessed when the goods are returned to The Gate Gallery for examination. When the complaint is found to be within the terms of the guarantee the goods will be replaced and any carriage costs reimbursed. Any claim must be accompanied with evidence of proof of purchase.

This guarantee only covers the cost of replacing the defective timber products with identical or comparable products. Consequential costs incurred as a result of replacing the products (such as fitting and finishing costs) are excluded.

We will not reimburse the cost of repairs undertaken to gates without our prior consent, and such repairs would also invalidate your guarantee.

Claims must be brought within two weeks of the expiry of the guarantee period. This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.