Which ironmongery to choose – black or galvanized?

Gate ironmongery, by nature of its use, has to be strong, sturdy and durable.   Choosing the correct ironmongery is essential when installing any type of gate as it can be an added design feature as well as a functional item.

Galvanised Ironmongery

Galvanised metal is when iron, steel or aluminium is coated with a layer of zinc to act as a barrier between the metal and the atmosphere. The zinc layer reacts with the oxygen and carbon dioxide giving a strong finish that stops further corrosion and the elements attacking the metal.

Galvanised ironmongery has the maximum protection against weather and the acidic nature of the timber that it is fixed to. It is also durable and low maintenance; it has a hard to scratch finish, ideal for outdoor everyday items.

Black Ironmongery

Black finished products can be achieved by dipping the product in wet paint, stove drying it, coating it in a dry powder and then stove drying it again to give the black finish; this is known as powder coating. This double coating helps prevent corrosion but is not as durable as galvanised ironmongery.

Black ironmongery has a traditional look and can complete the desired finish for your gate. It is often viewed as decorative and more of a design feature on gates or fencing but it can easily chip and then rust so it does require regular maintenance.

Stainless Steel Ironmongery

By nature, wood is a corrosive substance and in some cases, stainless steel is the preferred material to be used for external timber fixings. For example, oak & accoya can react with non-stainless steel ironmongery resulting in staining of the timber and / or ironmongery.  We would recommend stainless steel fittings on all of our oak products.  Especially in coastal locations, stainless steel is required as it can resist the aggressive nature of the environment, including the timber’s acidity and the atmospheric salt.

When choosing your gate ironmongery you need to take these aspects into consideration and prioritise what is important to you, the timber you want the gate to be made from, the aesthetic look and feel or the durability and longevity of the finished product.