How to protect your gate?

Wood is a natural product and can be affected by weather conditions; therefore it is important to maintain gates and garden architecture annually to prevent unwanted deterioration, and protect against cold winters and UK summers.

We strongly recommend that all gates are given at least two coats of protective treatment or finish before they are hung and that the gates must be as dry as possible before any such application to avoid locking in moisture.


This timber is easier to look after that softwood as the nature of the wood means it will look after itself to a certain extent due to its natural oils.

We recommend applying an initial coat of osmoil to oak or teak oil for iroko and sapele in order to prolong the life of your commission and keep the colour of the timber for as long as possible. This process should be repeated every 6 months in order to keep the colour of the timber.

However as with all timber, gates manufactured from hardwood timber will fade in colour over time – to slow down the fading process and keep the warmth and colour of your gate, use a product that contains UV protection.


Applying spirit based wood preserving treatments or stain every 6 months just before summer and winter, with a natural brush to avoid loss of bristles, will help protect against the extreme changes in temperature.

We do not recommend that you apply varnish.


If specified, gates made from softwood are pre-treated with Tanalith E to protect them from rot. The wood is placed in a closed cylinder then vacuum and pressure are applied to force treatments into the wood. Once treated the gate needs no further treatment unless you wish to stain it for cosmetic purposes – however we strongly recommend applying annual coats of preservative or stain to help increase the longevity of the gate.  If left as it is the timber will go grey.

Softwood gates that have been pressure treated can be painted or stained to a finish of your choice but only when the gate is completely dry.


We do not guarantee any of our products that have been painted as care must be taken to make sure that the timber is completely dry before the item is painted.  If not, the paint can lock moisture inside the wood and the gate or fence can start to rot from the inside out.

If you are wanting to paint your commission, we strongly recommend that the item is painted prior to the gate or fence being installed.  A good quality micro porous paint for external use should be applied, with an undercoat followed by two layers of top coat.  We recommend a good quality paint such as sikkens.

When maintaining your timber gate please remember:

  • Treat both sides of your product without allowing each side to dry in-between as it can put the item at risk of twisting or warping
  • Stain / oil the timber in the same direction of the grain
  • Coat end grains of timber well including the bottom of your gate
  • If painting your gates, make sure that the gate is completely dry before painting and that micro porous paint is used.

Please be aware that all gates may shrink or swell slightly and cracks may appear along the grain, but all this is to be expected with a natural timber gate and is part of the character of the timber.