Cracks and splits in timber

Splits and cracks will occur naturally in timber as it expands and contracts with humidity and temperature changes. The splits and cracks happen because timber is a natural material and throughout the year the wood expands and contracts.

Cracks will often expand more in the summer due to heat and dry weather and then contract in the winter months.  We appreciate that these can appear quite large and alarming however this is perfectly normal and should not affect the strength or integrity of the post.

Please be aware that we do not offer a guarantee on our posts for splits, cracks, or release of sap after delivery or installation of the posts as this is the nature of the timber species we supply.  We are unable to give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping, or knots which can be caused by natural reactions to variations in humidity and temperature; nor can we accept any responsibility for small defects in timber, which occur after the products have left the workshop due to the natural movement of timber.