Traditional patterns for making gates

Gunstock and curved semi boarded wooden gates

Antique historic 19th century gate design

Art deco style gate

Making the top spell on an iroko hardwood gate

Making a hardwood gate in an art deco style

Art deco style iroko gate with chamfered detail

Horizontal boarding on iroko hardwood gate

19th century lychgate drawing

Making a tradition mortise joint in a gate

Making a spindle upright for an oak gate

Bespoke oak gate with uprights and rectangular tops

Heavy duty black ring latch for gate

Edwardian or art deco wooden gate with chevron board design

Historical antique gate with sweeping curve design

An iroko hardwood gate with pointed finial

Sanging a hardwood lattice gate

Marking out a shaped finial for a softwood gate

Cotman ogee shaped finial for gate

Gate with cross design

Steel ball rods in iroko hardwood gate

Antique Edwardian gate with curved detail boarded at bottom with uprights to see through

Art deco inspired Edwardian wooden gate with horizontal rails

Traditional wheel shaped gate

Traditional ironwork closer

Unusual shaped gate head

Hardwood gate inset with shaped metal frame at the top

An iroko harwood gate with lattice cross detail on the back

House name routered and inscribed into a gate