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Making an Entrance

Welcome to a unique collection of stunning gates and garden architecture handcrafted to frame a beautiful home.

Whether you commission The Gate Gallery to create something bespoke to your own design or select a piece from our classic collection, we are a natural partner for discerning homeowners and designers.

Every single one of our commissions bears our signature and is testament to a commitment to creating statement pieces, using traditional techniques, that stand the test of time. Combining the natural beauty and grain of wood with a passion for art and product design ensures every element within our collection creates a stylish and lasting impression.

We invite you to step into our gallery.

“A gate is a statement; it is a work of art. It is the first thing you see when you enter a property and a reflection of what you will find behind it.”

More About Us


Our gates have taken inspiration from antique designs adapted from 19th and 20th Century books, combined with our own unique modern twist to create a truly beautiful collection of gates that make a real statement in your garden and frame to your home.



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